Aqua Smart Toilet

Aqua Smart Toilet


Dyconn Faucet is ever conscious of the style, energy efficiency and technology in modern urban living. The Aqua Smart Toilet was designed with the user in mind. Its elongated seat allows for extra comfort while taking the guess work out of cleaning in the most intimate of moments. With 3rd generation ceramic heating technology, the Aqua Smart Toilet instantly heats up warm water for washing by running the water through its heating system before releasing it. Gone are the days of storing heated water, which in turn will reduce significant energy consumption.


All of our smart toilets are protected with an anti-microbial coating to reduce surface bacteria by at least 98%. This bidet features replaceable dual nozzles to give the maximum comfort to all family members. The smart seat sensor equipped with the Aqua allows for the toilet to shut its functions on or off depending on whether or not it detects a user on the seat.


Dyconn Faucet provides real time phone customer service and offer 2 years limited manufacturer's warranty for the bidet.

  • 1-piece elongated tank less toilet with built-in smart bidet
  • Single flush 1.18 GPF (gallons per flush), soft closing lid, built in LED night light
  • Stainless steel bidet hinges, automatic sensor heated seat
  • Replaceable dual wand nozzle and instant warm water cleanse