Faraday M20 Series LED Backlit Mirror

Faraday M20 Series LED Backlit Mirror


The Faraday delivers the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics in an LED mirror. As 2 inches of clear glass surround the mirror, lighted edges methodically create an alluring halo effect, combining to create a sense of depth and spectacular opulence.  Its sleek, slim profile is multi-functional, decorative, and of outstanding class. The Fararday LED Mirror demands attention. Equipped with innovative technology, this mirror allows users to select between 3 of the most ideal color temperatures for indoor lighting. Why settle for only one or two color temperatures when you can have 3, all at the single touch of a button? Its design truly makes it a fantastic choice for any given space. Note: The mirror can reach its full brightness output at 4400K and half of maximum brightness when set at 3000K or 6500K. When connected to a non-dimmable wall switch, the mirror's memory function allows the last light temperature and brightness setting to be recalled when you turn on the wall switch.

Light Temperature
  • 3000K Warm White, 4400K Warm Daylight, and 6500K Cool White light color temperatures to meet anyone's lighting preference
  • 3rd generation silver mirror material is copper free, anti-rusting, 5 mm. thick with polished edges and will give you 35% more clarity vs a conventional mirror
  • Touch sensor control: simply tap the touch button to turn the LED lights on/off and toggle between light temperatures. Hold the touch button to dim
  • Anti-fog function: built-in anti-fog pad ensures the mirror stays clear and fog-free. Saves you time and energy from constantly wiping down your mirror after a hot shower
  • Power source: hard-wired

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