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Bath tub filled with water from a top view

Let us do the dirty work.
So you don't have to.


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toilet bowl



Grace your space with our user-friendly bidets and smart toilets.

Eco-friendly, powerful, and hassle-free. 

Heated seats, front and back spray nozzles, deodorizers, and dryers barely scratch the surface of features we offer with our bidets and smart toilets.

Click the link below to check out the different models we carry

Automatic toilet in a clean background

The average human spends about a year and a half in the bathroom over their lifetime!

That averages out to an hour and 42 minutes a week! So make the most of the time you spend there and treat yourself.

rectagular bath tub

From elegant, contemporary, to even rustic design, we'll have the perfect bath set up for you. 

All of our bath products were designed with the consumer in mind. The tubs are sleek, easy to clean, and durable; our tub-filler faucets are stylish and convenient.



Every bathroom's needs are unique, and we get that. We have shower systems that you can install individually, and shower panels for stalls with a linear design.


Our shower line will cover more than just your basic needs. Our collection's luxury functions and versatile design will leave both you and your space feeling refreshed.

standalone round vanity


Customize your sink and vanity space for your family's needs. We have a selection for any given space size and design needs. 

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double sink vanity from a top view
background texture


Tie your space together with matching accessories. We have different finishes, full sets, and even individual accessory parts. 

bathroom accessories Chrome finished

5 set chrome finish bath accessories

(also available as a 4 set)

pop up drain in 3 finished

Sink Drains

shower hoses

Shower hoses

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