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60" LED backlit mirror in a bathroom

Who says getting ready can't be fun?


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So what's the buzz? With a wide array of styles, sizes, and features, it's no wonder our mirrors are amongst our best selling items!

Keep scrolling to check out some of our mirror's features.


Through trial and error, our mirrors have come a long way from when they were initially created. After three different revision processes and years of honing our skills, we are proud to present to you a generation of mirrors that is anti-rust, copper and mercury free.  

All of our backlit mirrors are eco-friendly, using different color temperatures of LED light to illuminate its occupying space and create an ambiance. 

All backlit mirrors are UL certified!

LED backlit mirror in a bedroom and make up vanity
Golden leaf black frame mirror in a bathroom
leather texture background


If you can't find your size in any of the available options, we may be able to custom make your size and preferred lighting temperature!

Simply send us a direct inquiry for your project and we can send you a quote!

60" custom design LED backlit round mirror
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