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Edison M13 Tri-color Crystal Mirror

Edison M13 Tri-color Crystal Mirror


Light your space with luxury and glam using Dyconn Faucet's LED Crystal Mirrors. This delightful mirror will brighten up any space. Every one of our crystal mirrors come with 3 separate color temperatures so that it can change with both your space and ambiance. 


Each mirror is crafted with thousands of hand placed crystals, cut to brilliance in order to refract light from the LEDs placed inside the mirror, and with its versatile mounting system, the crystal mirror can be placed anywhere in the house. The Dyconn Faucet Edison Crystal Mirror series is designed for both recessed mounting and wall mounting. With a single touch, the mirror will not only turn ON/OFF, but also provide 3000K, 6500K, and 4400K lighting temperatures. Touching and holding on the sensor will activate the mirror's dimming functionality to meet anyone's lighting preference. 


This mirror, along with many of our other LED Mirrors, are equipped with an fog free heating pad on the backside of the mirror's glass. Our 3rd generation silver mirrors are provide 35% more clarity, and contain fewer harmful substances in its material than the conventional mirror. This mirror is meant to be hard wired, but can be installed onto a wall switch, as long as the wall switch is not a switch/dimmer combo (Please contact Dyconn Faucet for more information).

Light Temperature
  • 3rd Generation Silver Mirror, Copper Free, Rust Free
  • Includes Hardware 
  • Use touch switch to toggle between 3000K, 4500K and 6400K Light Temperatures
  • 5mm Thick Mirror, 35% more clarity over the conventional mirrors
  • On Mirror Touch Switch On/OFF (Touch and hold switch to dim)
  • Built-In Fog Free Heated Pad
  • Type: Wall Mirror 
  • 3 years limited warranty
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