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HWV2T Hollywood Tri-Color LED Make-Up mirror

HWV2T Hollywood Tri-Color LED Make-Up mirror


Boasting a visually striking appearance, the Dyconn Hollywood style Tri-Color LED Mirror combines elegance with sophistication, instantly becoming the centerpiece of any room. This state of the art mirror features a rectangular frame with 90-degree edges to complement its sleek profile. Equipped with innovative technology, this mirror allows users to select between 3 of the most ideal color temperatures for indoor lighting. Why settle for only one or two color temperatures when you can have 3, all at the single touch of a button? When it comes to choosing the perfect mirror for your Makeup Vanity/Bathroom Counter, the Dyconn Tri-Color is the obvious choice. Note: The mirror can reach its full brightness output at 4400K and half of maximum brightness when set at 3000K or 6500K.

  • Make up mirror with tri-color temperature 3000K+6400K+4000K
  • Mirror Size: 15”W X 17.4”H
  • Crystal decorated glass framed of mirror edging
  • Built In High Quality Bluetooth Speaker
  • .Touch Dimmer switch on lower center w/ 3 Prong US Plug
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