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Egret M16 Series LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Egret M16 Series LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror


The Egret Tri-Colour LED Mirror effortlessly brings class and luxury to your bathroom. This gorgeous mirror features a frosted inner rectangular frame with 30-degree rounded edges, giving it a touch of softness and contemporary style. Equipped with innovative technology, this mirror allows users to select between 3 of the most ideal colour temperatures for indoor lighting. Why settle for only one or two colour temperatures when you can have 3, all at the single touch of a button? Its design truly makes it a fantastic choice for any given space. Note: The mirror can reach its full brightness output at 4400K and half of maximum brightness when set at 3000K or 6500K. Temper glass is widely used in Aviation, Construction field. This LED mirror provides task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for your cosmetic, hygiene and dressing needs.

Light Temperature
  • 3rd Generation Silver Mirror, Copper Free, Rust Free
  • Includes Hardware
  • Use touch switch to toggle between 3000K, 4400K and 6500K light temperatures.
  • This LED bathroom mirror is designed with 5MM tempered glass which features shatter-proof, explosion-proof. Sturdy, durable and safe to use. The mirror provide clear reflection with no distortion. Decent mirror built with solid material.
  • On Mirror Touch Switch On/OFF (Touch and hold switch to dim)
  • Built-In Fog Free Heated Pad
  • Type: Wall Mirror 
  • 3 years limited warranty
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