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Niara III Smart Toilet DF07TA

Niara III Smart Toilet DF07TA


9:30 AM Revolutionizing Modern Urban Living Upgrade your bathroom and take your personal hygiene to the highest level of cleanliness and comfort. With the single push of a button, you will be able to select your desired water pressure, nozzle position, seat temperature and more, ultimately providing a spa-like experience for your delicate areas! Employing a modernizing approach, coupled with cutting-edge technology, we manufacture our smart bidet toilets with top quality materials to ensure durability, longevity and efficiency. Radar Sensor Kick Control Auto open/close seat & lid Front/rear cleanse Water pressure/temperature control Wireless remote Auto flush Deodorizer This all new Niara is extremely sleek in its design. Our tankless bidet provides warm water on demand without taking much space. In fact, there is no storage tank impeding the continuity of your bathroom or forcing you to wait until it refills in order to flush. Overall, this design takes exception to the phrase don?t judge a book by its cover because its aesthetic appearance truly compliments its sophisticated functionality. Connected directly to your water supply line, the Niara utilizes a high-pressure system, which releases water from two sides of the bowl, creating a turbulent tornado and removing all waste. This advanced technology uses 0.7 gallons of water to create a vortex that gives the water a longer track, ensuring nothing sticks to the sides. It then completes each flush by concentrating and releasing the remaining 0.36 gallons of water out of a small jet at the bottom of the bowl for a more thorough flush so that your behind leaves nothing behind. Radar technology can detect a user from up to 3 feet away, controlling the toilet lid, seat, and even flush functions. Once the radar no longer senses a user, the lid will automatically close which means you don't have to worry about putting the seat down ever again. With the Niara's fully automatic soft close feature.

Color/Finish: charcoal black



  • Rear Wash
  • Unlimited wash
  • front wash
  • Bubble wash
  • Automatic wash
  • move wash
  • Hot & cold massage wash
  • water pressure adjustable
  • water temperature adjustable
  • tube position adjustable
  • nozzle self-cleansing
  • cleaning nozzle


  • seat heating
  • warm dryer
  • damper of seat and cover
  • seat temperature adjustable
  • air temperature adjustable
  • Convenience:
  • light sensing
  • instant heating
  • remote control flush
  • stand-up flush
  • dryer flush
  • kick flush
  • kick to open lid/seat
  • remote control to open lid/seat
  • catalyst deodorization
  • seat sensor
  • stand-up flush
  • radar sensor
  • Safety:
  • UV sterilization
  • filter steel mesh
  • air isolation
  • prevent cross-flow
  • self-cleaning glaze
  • eight kinds of protection
  • nano-antibiotic
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