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Niara Smart Toilet

Niara Smart Toilet


Introducing Dyconn Faucet’s latest bidet model, The Niara. You spoke and we listened. The Niara is an automated toilet with built in bidet for everybody in the family. It comes with all the luxury functions of our previous smart toilet models with the addition of a new sensor using radar technology and a “Kick button” at the bottom of the unit for added convenience. 


Our radar technology can detect a user from up to 3 feet away, controlling the toilet lid, seat, and even flush functions. Approach the toilet and the toilet lid will raise. Once the radar no longer senses a user, the lid will automatically close. 


The new “Kick button” allows for ease of use for any user. Simply approach the unit and gently kick the button to automatically raise or even lower the seat and lid. Then, when finished, kick the button again and the unit will flush whilst closing both the seat and lid. 


The Niara comes with an all new wireless remote, more durable than any of our previous models. Its solid build is made to last so you can enjoy years of use. 

  • Radar technology sensor that opens, closes toilet lid, and automatically flushes
  • "Kick Button" to open, close toilet lid and seat, and flush
  • Front/rear cleanse
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzle
  • Water temperature control
  • Water pressure control
  • Auto flush
  • Wireless remote
  • Seat Sensor
  • Deodorizer
  • Soft Closing Lid
  • LED Nightlight
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