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Tempered Glass Edison M13 Series Tri-Color LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Tempered Glass Edison M13 Series Tri-Color LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror


New Two Light Sources
One extra thick 1.6" frame front-lit LED
on the front of the mirror plus an all-around back-lit LED behind the back of the mirror, with two-touch LED button control in choosing your most desired combination of 3 color temperatures and brightness. Adds the best ambient and mood to your room with a touch of your finger. 

New Tempered Glass
Now Dyconn Faucet brings tempered glass to bathroom mirror design. The highest quality silver-backed tempered glass mirror features shatter-proof, explosion-proof. It is safer to use and more durable. Temper glass is widely used in Aviation and construction fields. This LED mirror provides task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for cosmetic, hygiene, and dressing needs. With a single touch, the mirror will turn ON/OFF and provide 3000K, 6500K, and 4400K lighting temperatures. Touching and holding on to the sensor will activate the mirror's dimming functionality to meet anyone's lighting preference. 

Light Temperature
  • New added tempered glass model.
  • Two LED light sources: one extra thick frame front-lit LED and the other an all-around LED backlit behind the mirror
  • 3 color temperatures for option, warm light (3000k), natural light (4000k), and white light (6000k).
  • Built-In Fog Free Heated Pad
  • Simply touch the round button for seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest.  When the LED mirror is powered off and restarted, the last-use state is restored.
  • This LED bathroom mirror is designed with 5MM tempered glass which features shatter-proof, explosion-proof. Sturdy, durable and safe to use. The mirror provide clear reflection with no distortion. 
  • Dyconn Faucet mirrors are with 3 years warranty. Anytime you have a question regarding our mirror, please feel free to contact us. Our professional after-sales team will always be there to help you.
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