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Tesoro Freestanding Solid Surface Tub

Tesoro Freestanding Solid Surface Tub


Casti-iron and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) bathtubs have long been a favorite in the housing market. However, working off of Dupont's innovative solid surface invention, we are able to bring to you high density, non-porous resin bathtubs. Products made from solid surface high density resin will insulate and help maintain the heat in your tub for much longer than any acrylic or cast-iron tubs for a fraction of the price of the latter. Cast-iron tubs will feel cold upon contact with the skin, whereas solid surface tubs will feel warm and gentle as they have lower thermal conduction.


These coveted solid surface tubs are new, hard-hitters in the market; already notoriously recognized as constructed using top-of-the-line material. Its non-porous, high density resin surface means that your product will be scratch, fade, and crack resistant. Any blemishes made can be easily removed by gently sanding the surface.


We understand that bathtubs are a large, longtime investment most individuals make. We take care that our products are durable and will be more than worth the price you pay for it. Dyconn Faucet is proud to present its Solid Surface Bathtub line. 

  • Made with solid-surface high density resin
  • Special coating helps preserve heat and prevents scratches
  • Built-in overflow and pop-up drain
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (can be sanded down with sandpaper)
  • Includes a sand sponge for deep cleaning
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